Measured Analytics


“ALLURData seamlessly ingested and processed over 100 million health claim data records into a new database environment in one day, exceeding all expectations.” 

Community Health Program Director

Predictive Analytics for Population Health Management

ALLURData’s innovative SaaS technology
provides access to healthcare data by
delivering quality actionable intelligence
healthcare providers can rely on
to manage the cost of care, identify total case improvement and drive improved patient outcomes.

This integration of real-time healthcare and socio-economic data will drive people to better outcomes at a lower cost.

Challenge: A health care provider practice needs to manage the health of its patient population, specifically the cohorts with specific conditions and disease states such as diabetes, hypertension, heart failure and others.

The Problem: The practice has comprehensive data regarding care and treatment of its patients by its practitioners. Some data is available for those patients directly from acute provider sources, and possibly a community health information exchange (HIE). Data aggregation from other practices and clinics is obtained by phone and FAX on an inconsistent case by case basis.

The Data Aggregation Solution: When patients receive care at a participating client, an electronic record of their encounter (a CCD) will be generated by that practice. The CCD is transmitted to a community data warehouse, which will provide other participating practices treating that patient with that CCD and related analytics. In addition, detailed data elements about that patient comprising a longitudinal health history across practices is easily accessible. This open source data-sharing across practices will allow each practice to analyze a particular patient and a group of patient’s care and treatment patterns. This analysis will inform improved care patterns resulting in better population health, supplemented by predictive analytical algorithms to impact preventable encounters.