COVID-19 Update

During these troubling times, and into the future, the Allurdata team is working diligently to bring meaningful answers and abilities to fight the COVID-19 virus and crisis.

Allurdata’s managed services for facility technology support, on and off site, including logistical and hardware support are available for clients with ever changing needs.

We are bringing healthcare data integration capabilities as well as patient data intake for care coordination, and are working with channel partners to provide:

  • Telehealth and remote patient monitoring solutions
  • Integrated Rx fulfillment
  • Supply chain automation

Allurdata is also developing medical goggles that can detect diseases through the eyes with noninvasive techniques.

In these times, we are working to keep our customers and partners safe, healthy, and ready to handle any eventuality. Contact us for any of our services,

Allurdata is here to help.

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Data Integration and Software Solutions

Allurdata® offers innovative SaaS technology that provides integration and access to data for clients in healthcare, asset management, and other industries. We deliver actionable intelligence that customers rely on to manage the cost of care, identify total case improvement and drive improved patient outcomes. The integration of real-time data and socio-economic data moves clients toward better outcomes at a lower cost.

PPE Supply Chain and Procurement

Allurdata's new Supply Chain Portal, securely bringing verified customers and suppliers together. Personal Protective Equipment for the modern age.

Safety and Supply

Allurdata’s Supply Chain Portal, verifiable PPE at your fingertips. Designed for ease of use and convenience, the Supply Chain Portal is here to help you get the supplies you need, securely.

Supply Chain Portal

Asset Management

Allurdata Asset Management enables clients to optimize and monetize assets by tracking and managing them across their enterprise in real-time.

When and Where You Need It

The Asset Lifecycle Management system follows assets from purchase through retirement, including solutions for loss prevention and process improvement.

Asset Management

Data Integration

Data analytics, integration, and delivery. No matter the source, no matter the size, no matter the disparity; Allurdata has the solutions to your data problems.

Your Data, Delivered.

From one database to hundreds, Allurdata is here to help you sort, compile, integrate, and report.

Data Integration Services

Managed Services

Allurdata provides technical and administrative support across multiple industries, however many or few services you need, Allurdata is there.

The Work You Need, When you Need It

Technical Services include:

Audio/Visual Support and Maintenance

Windows 7 to 10 Upgrades

Hardware and Software Support and Replacement Services

Managed Services


Learn what BizExplorer®, from ALLURData, Inc., can do to solve your complex data needs. Custom tailored solutions built around your processes, at your pace.

Proprietary Software Solutions for Any Problem

Normalize data from disparate systems and sources into a user-friendly presentation environment for transactional uses, query, reporting, data analytics, and feeding other systems.

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Asset Management

Allurdata Asset Management enables optimization and monetization of physical assets by tracking, managing and depreciating them across all their facilities in real-time.

Using the BizExplorer® system, Allurdata’s Asset Lifecycle Management is designed to follow assets from their purchase through the retirement of the asset. This system helps to determine the amount of loss that is occurring in the assets being monitored and a solution for the prevention of loss from ever occurring.

We work in a wide variety of industries and facilities, contact us today to let us help you get your inventory back on track.

Data Integration

The BizExplorer® system is also a powerful unification tool, bringing disparate data from any system and combining them into one easy to use application. From reporting to analytics, processing to packaging, Allurdata’s system brings any of your systems together to work for you.

Using BizExplorer®’s powerful data integration capabilities, our customers are able to access real-time consolidated data. Meeting HIPAA requirements, the system collects and reports data for utilization measures, efficiency improvements, and data analysis.

We create big data solutions for any size company; whether you need records consolidated to massive data processing, Allurdata is here to help. Contact us today for a demo of what BizExplorer® can do for you.

Managed Services

Our extensive experience in the IT management field has allowed Allurdata to create a vast portfolio of services for discerning clients. Our Managed Services division includes our technical expertise paired with the Allurdata Asset Management System to provide an all-in-one solution to IT and Engineering departments in a variety of industries.

These services include:

Audio Visual Support and Maintenance

Asset Inventory and Tracking

Shipping, Receiving, and Warranty Coordination

Windows 7 to 10 upgrades and support

IT Support and Incident Ticketing

Workflow Management and Design

Process Updates and Development

Standard Operating Procedure creation and development

and many more.

Find out what Allurdata can solve for you today.


BizExplorer®, from ALLURData, Inc., can solve your complex data needs. Normalize data from disparate systems and sources into a user-friendly presentation environment for transactional uses, query, reporting, data analytics, and feeding other systems.

BizExplorer® is an application interface for users and allows control of data presented based upon their individual security level. The user can easily customize the system for their use. Data analytics and mobile applications can be used with BizExplorer®.

The application also includes Document Management and Revision Control, performed as each document is checked out, then returned to the system. This allows for an archived history of files stored in BizExplorer®. Natural Language Processing will search not only for the meta-data but also the contents inside each document.

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Our Core Values

At Allurdata® we are committed to finding new and better ways to deliver value to our clients. We step down complex problems into simple solutions in every project we manage. Across all walks of life, we prepare for our contributions to occur at a personal, team, corporate, and customer level; where we all achieve win-win outcomes.


Allurdata seamlessly ingested and processed over 100 million health claim data records into a new database environment in one day, exceeding all expectations.

Director, Community Health Program

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